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How to Sell More in Less Time with No Rejection: Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques Volume II Издательство: Business By Phone Inc , 1998 г Мягкая обложка, 344 стр ISBN 1-88108-107-9 инфо 13575l.

Even more ideas and proven tips to help you use the phone to close more sales, in less time, and never experience rejection again! Volume II of How to Sell More in Less Time With No Rejection, Using Common Seаыеямnse Telephone Techniques builds on ideas and techniques covered in Volume I information that thousands of sales reps worldwide have used on the phone to get more business, beat call reluctance, and make more money Regardless of whether you use the phone to set appбкаеоointments or manage accounts between outside visits, or if you handle all of your business by phone, you'll get hundreds of profit-building ideas you can use right now Автор Art Sobczak.

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