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D O A - Live At The Assassination Club Формат: DVD (PAL) (Keep case) Дистрибьютор: Концерн "Группа Союз" Региональный код: 0 (All) Количество слоев: DVD-5 (1 слой) Звуковые дорожки: Английский инфо 2776b.

От издателя The legendary kings of Canadian punk rock, DOA were at the forefront of the hardcore movement of the early eighties Formed in 1978, they made their first big impression with the release of theаыаэч classic Disco Sucks EP in June the same year and were very swiftly ripping up stages across the globe Never ones to shy away from controversy, DOA said what they meant and garnered a name for being proud of their political stance They genuinely believed that musiбйьысc could make a difference, however small, and went on to play an impressive number of benefit gigs for causes as diverse as Rape-Relief and anti-globalisation Their impact on subsequent generations is undeniable, with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rancid, Green Day and The Offspring all citing them as a big influence Nearly thirty years on, and DOA flatly refuse to give up, appearing at major punk festivals the world over This DVD features rare footage of an event at the Bierkelleбршсвr in Leeds, England 17/02/1984, which was organised by celebrated British promoter and writer Nick Toczek The evening boasts a stellar guest list including poets Seething Wells, Mensi and Spartacus R DOA play a blistering set featuring favourites from their career to date For those in the audience it was an unforgettable night of hardcore fun from the days when it wasn't considered un-cool to wear your political heart on your sleeve For those who missed the boat this is a great opportunity to reassess a generation too often looked upon with contempt Richard J King Tracklist: 01 The Enemy 02 I'm Right You're Wrong 03 America 04 Burn It Down 05 DOA 06 Rich Bitch 07 Our World 08 Watcha Gonna Do 09 Liar For Hire 10 Slum Lord 11 General Strike 12 Class War 13 War In The East 14 War 15 13 16 New Wave Sucks Дополнительные материалы Bonus Footage: Seething Wells - Roger Mensi - Heaths Lament Sparticus R - Africa Актер "DOA" (Исполнитель).